Closings Overview

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Alabama Land Services, Inc. provides closing services for both residential and commercial transactions, and we are on the approved closing list for every lender in the area. We feel that a successful real estate closing is the product of sound accounting, timely coordination, and clear and courteous communication. Our trained professionals are experienced in all areas involved in the closing process. We can assist you with such issues as getting a property survey, clearing title problems, or even obtaining a termite letter. Once everything is completed, our Closing Department will be ready to assist you. The bottom line at Alabama Land Services is SERVICE.

While others offering closing services simply ask you to sign on the dotted line, we will explain each document you are asked to sign during your closing.

We realize that no matter how good a deal looks, until it closes, no one benefits. Alabama Land Services is dedicated to making your closing as smooth and trouble free as possible. Visit our Closing Service Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Give us a call at (256) 764-2141 or use our online order form to schedule your next closing and see the difference we can make.