Title Insurance Overview

What is Title Insurance?

When purchasing a home or real estate you want to be sure your investment is protected from title defects. For lenders, title insurance provides financial protection making loans more negotiable in the secondary market. For purchasers, title insurance provides the assurance that their investment is protected for as long as they or their heirs own the property. Alabama Land Services and the policies we provide exist to ensure that title issues don’t affect your home ownership rights.

Our records, beginning in 1887, are the oldest and most complete in the area. Our experienced title examiners search through these records discovering deeds, mortgages, tax liens, judgments, encroachments and anything else that might be presented as a lien on your property. We then write a Title Insurance Commitment requiring those items be resolved prior to closing. Once these requirements are met, an owner’s policy is issued insuring the title to the purchaser’s property.

Protecting Your Investment

Your choice of a title insurer is important, because your home is important. You will want to protect your investment with the best title insurance available, backed by an organization with experience, skill, and a commitment to service. Our underwriters are some of the largest and most trusted in the business, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

For more information related to our title insurance products, or to learn more about title insurance in general, visit our Title Insurance Frequently Asked Questions page.


Why Choose Us?

Corporate Title Agency – Title Insurance and Real Estate Closings are our specialties.

Experience – Experience is not just being the oldest title company in the area. It is our ability to use past solutions to solve current problems effectively and creatively.

Skill – Skill is the ability to solve problems quickly and accurately, using all the resources at your disposal. Our title insurance department offers rapid and accurate answers to title questions, and accommodation of your special needs.

Commitment to Service – We are committed to total customer satisfaction. Our title insurance personnel can anticipate problems that can arise during real estate transactions and solve them. We will keep you well informed until all problems are resolved.